Why Yoga?


Often in trauma, our relationship with our self and our bodies are affected. Whether we've learned to dissociate, or we've simply lost trust and feel unsafe in our bodies, our goal in yoga is to learn to reclaim our bodies and build trust in our innate wisdom and strength.


What Is Trauma-Informed Yoga?

Trauma-Informed Yoga (TIY) is a facilitated yoga practice focusing aspects of yoga through the lens of trauma.  The pacing in TIY is determined by the practitioner rather than the teacher, as TIY assumes that the practitioner is best judge of how much activation they might need, or how much is too much.  This means that each TIY session is different, as each person’s need in each session is also different.  

How Does TIY Work?

TIY is distinct from traditional yoga practices in several ways:

· TIY practitioners place kindness and gentleness - qualities lacking in trauma - above other qualities.  

· TIY focuses on changing the real-time response to triggers as they arise in the practice.  

· Practitioner-based pacing generates the ability to respond rather than react to feelings in the body, expanding their window of tolerance.   

· The poses of TIY are not important: the poses are only held to create opportunities to develop a felt experience of the body often numbed in survivors of trauma and abuse.  

· The high degree of interaction between the teacher and the practitioner allows for the discovery and development of boundaries - physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

· The restoration of controlled breath helps return the body to a state of alert relaxation.  


*Group sessions are currently paused for the summer. Contact Julie for further details*


Trauma Yoga

In this 60 minute yoga class you will have the opportunity to practice making choices in relation to your body and your experience that are kind, gentle and caring - all things missing during trauma. 

Not limited to survivors of trauma. Anyone looking for a unique healing exerperience can benefit.

Thursdays at 5:30pm.

La Maida Institute,11159 La Maida St, Los Angeles.

Spaces limited. Contact Julie to book your space.



Mindful Movement

A unique flow that fully integrates the mind and breath with movement. Explore moving through transitions with purpose, grace and ease. This is an open level class. Beginners welcome.

Monday & Wednesday at 12:15pm

La Maida Institute, 11159 La Maida St, Los Angeles.


What to Expect

A safe environment to find comfort, safety and strength in your body

Guided meditation and relaxation

Opportunity to experience healing without having to tell your story


Where is it?