How I Can Help

I lovingly guide people who are ready to discover their innate capacity for healing to feel safe in their body, comfortable in their own skin, and embodied, integrated, and whole.

I use tools and techniques from yoga, breathwork, mindfulness practices, Somatic Experiencing and other body-centered modalities, so you can attune to your real needs, and move through life with less stress and anxiety, and more peace and connection.

My work can help facilitate growth and change in these areas: Overcoming trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, physical health, eating disorders, body-image issues, grief and loss, pain management, removing mental blocks, relationships, and more.


What Is Trauma?

Trauma occurs when a person’s ability to cope with an experience is overwhelmed, and safety is threatened on some level. This can range from a car accident, natural disaster, to being attacked, abducted, childhood abuse, and so forth. 

When a person is overwhelmed by such a stressor, their nervous system disorganizes.  If the nervous system isn’t returned to a sense of safety, that disorganization remains.  Over time, that disorganization can become kind of the norm.  Rather than time healing wounds, the passage of time reinforces them.  

When in a state of traumatization, people might experience:

· Intense and overwhelming feelings that seem sudden and out-of-context.

· Panic attacks.  

· Body pain and tension.  

· Numbness.  

· Intrusive thoughts around the experience.  

· Feeling fake or plastic in everyday life. 

· Sleep, muscular, and digestion problems.  

· Feeling as if your thoughts are not your own.