Private 1:1 work

In personal 1:1 sessions, we take a deep look at how stress and trauma is showing up or manifesting in your body, and tailor a unique program to help you reclaim your body and build trust in your innate wisdom and strength.

 We'll look at imbalances in your breathing patterns, restore balance to your breath, and help you breathe fully into places that are restricted.

Together, we'll explore what's held in your body so you can release tension, aliven numbness and reclaim lost parts. You'll contact your deep, resilient sense of self and practice living in the moment.

My anxiety has dropped, I’d like to feel it’s thanks to all the tools you’ve given me. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without all our time together and all your guidance. I love you Julie
— Carlos F

What does a Session Look Like?

I use many techniques and tools, and sometimes we'll explore yoga, movement or physical strength work. Sometimes we need to talk, sit with what’s here, encourage and allow the body to release and discharge any stuck energy. This is called Somatic Experiencing, which is tracking the felt sensations in your body and allowing the stored energy from trauma or chronic stress to move through and out of the body.


We don't have to go into your story if you don't want to. What's most important is to be in the present moment experience, with your body, as you are feeling whatever you feel.

It's my Mission to Hold a Safe Space

for you to engage in different healing therapies for transformation and empowerment. I am my own case study, and I do this work because I went through my own trauma, I know what it feels like, and now I help others with what proves to work best for them in their healing journey.

Private sessions are an adjunct to therapy. This work is most successful when it's a part of a holistic or integrative treatment approach.

To start your private journey, or for more information, contact Julie to schedule your appointment.


I was introduced to Julie Fernandez through a psychiatrist who was working with my teenage daughter who was suffering with depression. My daughter’s pain was unbearable, escalating into tremendous sorrow and anxiety for me, which of course worsened the dynamic for my daughter.  I was caught in a terrible cycle.  

Julie instructed me on a particular breathing technique to calm the nervous system.  It had an immediate impact on me as stifled tears streamed down my face. A few days later, our family went through a traumatic episode.  I was able to use the breathing in a specific sequence over and over.  I was able to maintain some sense of equilibrium at the worse hours of my life and ultimately change the course of the negative events.  

Breathwork is a life giving holistic joyful experience, and Julie is a masterful teacher.
— Nancy R